Garden and indoor shade-loving flowers

If the summer cottage is not particularly accessible to the sun’s rays, you can also benefit from this situation by organizing an excellent flower garden using shade-loving plants. Some shade-tolerant flower crops are also great for growing at home. In this article we will talk about the varieties of such flower crops, as well as their features.

Examples of shade-loving garden flowers

First, let’s talk about the colors with which you can create a shaded flower bed.

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These include, for example, hellebore. The flowers of this species are represented by pale cream and white petals, strewn with many bright pink or red specks. Flowering in hellebore, alas, is short-lived – only two weeks at the end of spring. However, for the rest of the summer period, he will delight the owners with bright beautiful foliage.

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Another example might be forest hyacinth, whose flowers open into beautiful bright blue spots in the shade of trees. The inflorescences are represented by a large number of small bells, which from afar look like round balls. However, this plant is fraught with danger: in contact with the skin of a person, it can cause significant irritation. Therefore, when planting and interacting with it, you should be careful, and besides, this solution for decorating the garden will not be the best if there are small children in the family.

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A less aggressive and much more familiar shadow flower bed character is lily of the valley. It is not just a shade-tolerant plant, but does not recognize the sun at all, preferring to grow in a dark and humid place. Lily of the valley flowers exude a unique aroma, but there is a catch: the red-orange berries with which lily of the valley is covered in late summer are poisonous. Here again it is necessary to supervise young children well. In addition, we can say that lily of the valley is often used for medicinal purposes.

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Another representative of shade-tolerant plants – dicentra. An extremely unusual flower, the shoots of which are strongly bent, like creepers. On each shoot, beautiful crimson flowers sit in a row, resembling hearts in their shape.

Shade tolerant indoor plants

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Perfect for landscaping sansevieria three-lane, which has a fairly bright and eye-catching appearance. The plant is unpretentious, great for decorating any public places.

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The choice may come as a surprise to some. common ivy as a shade-tolerant house plant. Nevertheless, with proper care, the flower will not flood everything around, and its green mass is perfect for updating the air in the room.

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A bright, conspicuous plant with beautiful coral flowers is clivia. Likes moist and well-fertilized soil, but generally very unpretentious.

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