Galkin wrote posts for her

Producer Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Pravda.Ru commented on the statement Alla Pugachevawho named her detractors slaves and serfs.

Lavrov noted that Alla Pugacheva has always been a PR master. He remembered her stormy personal life with weddings and divorces, conflicts with colleagues in the shop.

The producer believes that the Primadonna has lost some of the fans because of her statement and words Maxim Galkin*who strongly condemned the special operation in Ukraine.

“Now the people are patriotic, and the people have rallied. And when someone now opposes Russia, they automatically become, as it were, an outcast,” the show business figure expressed his opinion.

Lavrov suggested that it was Maxim Galkin who wrote all these posts for the singer.

“It seems to me that Pugacheva herself would not have done this. Returning to her last post, unfortunately, people do not hate her, she is indifferent to them. But this is scary,” Lavrov explained.

The producer believes that the singer lost financially.

“That’s it. No more money will be given to her. The maximum that she still needs to do, probably, is to have time to repent, then maybe something will change. And at the moment, I think that, unfortunately, she will be very quickly forget,” shared his point of view a connoisseur of show business.

* – included in the register of individuals acting as a foreign agent.

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