Gal Gadot says motherhood is harder than acting

Gal Gadot made her film debut in the early 2000s

Gal Gadot made her film debut in the early 2000s


Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress and model who became world famous thanks to her participation in the movie “Wonder Woman”, says she knows how to stand up for herself.

She also knows how to assemble a machine gun: Gal, like all young Israeli women, served in the army.

She wanted to be a lawyer or a biologist, but her good looks got her a job in modeling agencies when Gal was in school.

At 18, she won the Miss Israel 2004 title. And then Gal was drafted into the army, where photographers somehow arrived.

Pictures of Gadot in military uniform hit the pages of glossy magazines. And Israeli directors invited her to act in films. After that, Gal realized that she only wanted to be an actress.

After several successful roles, she decided to try to conquer Hollywood, where the first thing she failed was the casting for the role of the James Bond girl. But she was noticed there and invited to star in the film “Fast and the Furious”, and then in “Wonder Woman”, which made a real star out of Gadot.

Gal recalls: “An agent called me and said – the role is yours, you are a wonder woman. And I screamed into the phone – oh, my God, ah-ah-ah! Now it sounds like “aaaa!”, but then it was “aaaa!”.

Now the actress is 37 years old, she is married to Israeli businessman Yaron Versano. They are raising three wonderful daughters. In a recent interview, Gal said that the role of a mother is much more important for her and much more difficult than any of the acting roles.

Gal Gadot’s fees are eight figures. For shooting in the film “Red Notice” she received $ 20 million. And very soon the audience will see her in the image of the Egyptian Cleopatra.

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