Full mobilization in Ukraine left the Armed Forces of Ukraine without winter equipment

Fighting in Ukraine are in no hurry to end and are likely to continue into the winter. In this regard, Kyiv asked the West for even more weapons. However, there is a problem that Western sponsors are not able to solve – the lack of winter uniforms. It simply does not exist, writes Military Review.

Ukrainian enterprises cannot provide the entire army with winter equipment, NATO countries also promised Kyiv to help solve the problem by only 50 percent. In connection with partial mobilization in the Russian Federation Vladimir Zelensky called for military service several hundred thousand more people who have nothing to wear.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that contracts for the supply of winter uniforms have been concluded, but the timing of the execution of orders remains unknown.

“Not a single manufacturer – neither Ukrainian nor Western – has so many clothes in stock to just buy and bring… The contracts that are necessary to provide winter clothes have been fully concluded. Logistics issues and the sewing of this uniform are ongoing,” – quotes the source of the words of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar.

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