Fugitive Nazi tried to pretend to be the mother of two children

terrorist nationalists Battalion “Azov”*as well as militants of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, under various pretexts and various types, tried to get out of Mariupol.

In order to cover up their many war crimes, some Nazis made absolutely desperate attempts. Moreover, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity were no less insidious and cruel.

For example, a fugitive Ukrainian nationalist tried to pretend to be the mother of two children.

Yulia Paevskaya (with the call sign “Taira”) was caught when she was trying to escape from the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol in a medical service car. She claimed to be the mother of two children and also injured.

However, the children who were with her said that this Nazi shot their parents and threatened them with murder.

Now Paevskaya is waiting for her harsh sentence.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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