FT predicted economic catastrophe for Ukraine

British journalists with reference to the former head of the Central Bank of Ukraine Oleg Churiya stated that Kyiv urgently needs material assistance from Western leaders. If they do not hand over the money, the country will begin economic disastermedia warned.

“Ukraine will not be able to resist Russia without increasing the volume of macro-financial support to four to five billion dollars a month,” the source stressed. Financial Times.

According to the publication, after the launch of Moscow’s military special operation to enforce peace in the Donbass and Ukraine, Kyiv received about three billion dollars a month from the West. Due to the ongoing fighting, the usual methods of stabilizing the economy are becoming useless, the journalists added. They said that without the help of other countries, Ukraine would face exploding inflation, a lack of reserves and a currency crisis.

Earlier, analyst Alexander Okhrimenko, in a conversation with Pravda.Ru, reacted to a media report, according to which Berlin blocked transfer of funds to Kyiv.

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