From the beginning of the NWO, the “Dead Hand” is on and ready to erase the USA

The Western media’s hysteria about Russia’s intention to use nuclear weapons is on the rise.

Moscow is accused in advance of wanting to strike first, but there are nuances – it is America that is going to strike first with its “instant global strike.” Therefore, Russia is ready to deliver a retaliatory, mortal blow”dead hand“.

Recall that the 2010 Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START III) limited the number of ready-to-use warheads to a ceiling of 1,550 units. But he did not regulate the amount of tactical nuclear weapons in warehouses.

Moscow and Washington mutually suspected each other that the other side could use the “return” potential in the shortest possible time to quickly build up its forces at the moment of escalation.

In recent years, Russia has made great efforts to improve its nuclear missile shield and has achieved significant success in this direction.

  • This summer, a series of intercontinental missiles RS-28 “Sarmat” appeared in production,
  • Even earlier, the army received Avangard hypersonic systems,
  • In 2019, the Belgorod submarine was launched – the first regular carrier of the Poseidon nuclear submarine drone, which is most feared in the West today.

Russia has surpassed the US in the development of hypersonic weapons and new intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), but the Americans have more bases around the world and are effectively on the Russian border.

The United States has also deployed missile defense elements in Poland and Romania, which make it possible to shoot down our intercontinental ballistic missiles, have good aviation and the most powerful satellite constellation in the world, which is many times superior to the Russian one.

In terms of strategic nuclear weapons, there is parity between the United States and Russia – both sides can inflict severe damage on the enemy.

Understanding this has always been a guarantee against trouble, but adequacy is a thing of the past. 21 September NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared that Russia could not win a nuclear war. At the same time, the US Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham stressed that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine should be regarded as an act of aggression against NATO.

However, even these people should understand that in the event of an attack on Russia, Washington will not escape a retaliatory strike. Since the time of the USSR, the Perimeter system has been created in the country, which in the West received the speaking nickname “Dead Hand” – recalls “Tsargrad“.

It is an automatic complex that ensures a retaliatory nuclear strike even in cases where all decision-making centers are destroyed or are deprived of communication with launchers.

Most importantly, “Perimeter” can make a decision without or almost without human participation – according to the media, analyzing the background information:

  • the state of key elements of the Strategic Missile Forces and the General Staff,
  • intensity of negotiations on military frequencies,
  • content of radionuclides in the air,
  • the emergence of point sources of powerful radiation and electromagnetic radiation,
  • seismic sensor data.

Officially, Russia does not comment on the work of “Perimeter” – except short answer Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces “System on combat duty”.

In addition, according to the military, the “Dead Hand” is turned on during periods when there is a threat of attack – so, “most likely, it is turned on with the beginning of the NWO.”

Even with the current state of affairs and a preemptive strike, the Americans will be left without strategic means of attack at once (the number determines the final result).

The Russians live in 1100 cities, and the United States simply does not have enough charges for everything at once, and the Strategic Missile Forces will no longer face the dilemma of whether to destroy cities or military installations. No one will suffer humanism in such a situation.

In the event of an attack on cities, all carriers that survived the first strike will hit megacities, where the bulk of the US population is concentrated. If America then has enough resources to answer again, an exchange of “greetings” of this kind will ruin half of Europe in the first half hour.

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