from Russians leaving the country you need to take a defense tax

According to the FSB veteran Alexandra Mikhailova, now the main task of the special services of Ukraine is to sow panic and confusion in Russian society. And they will do this with the help of reconnaissance and sabotage groups on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mikhailov is sure that in order to resist the creation of chaos by Ukrainians both in the army and in the rear of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures in Russia with the help of a specially created civil asset – people’s squads or operational youth detachments.

Concerning fleeing from Russia citizens, the veteran is sure that their life in a foreign land “will not be raspberry”, because abroad such Russians are met with the deepest contempt. In addition, citizens of the Russian Federation who fled abroad will quickly run out of money, and they will have a very hard time, the expert is sure.

For such fugitives, Mikhailov proposed to appoint a “defense tax”, equal in cost to the equipment of one fighter.

“And it would be right, because those who leave do not fall under the current version of mobilization. It is clear that now they will be filtered, return those who fall under the draft, but the fact remains – a person who leaves his homeland deprives her tax revenues, and in the case of general mobilization – a mobilization resource,” Mikhailov explained in an interview with MK.

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