From Nachalova to Vitas: the five best “replacements” for Yuri Shatunov

Yuri Shatunov - famous soloist of the group

Yuri Shatunov – famous soloist of the group “Tender May”


On June 23, it became known that in an ambulance, before reaching the hospital, Yuri Shatunov, the famous soloist of the Laskovy May group, died of a heart attack. The artist was so loved by the public that even in television shows of reincarnations, where world stars were usually shown, the image of Shatunov was addressed more than often. In the selection of “KP” there are only a few bright “replacements” of the musician.

Vitas (“Just Like”)

Vitas, the owner of a mega-high voice, tried and quite successfully copied not only the timbre of Yuri Shatunov’s voice, but also his unique plasticity, singing “White Roses”.

Mark Tishman (“One to One”)

Even Yuri Stoyanov applauded the number of Mark Tishman’s “Gray Night”.

Alexander Bon (“Just Like”)

The finalist of the show “Voice” in the team of Dima Bilan, Alexander Bon, took up the song “Childhood”, written before his birth, and did it.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov (“Ural dumplings”)

Vyacheslav Myasnikov, the head of the songs in the comic group “Ural dumplings”, took up the parody of Yuri Shatunov, singing “Childhood”, and did it with love and respect.

Yulia Nachalova (“One to One”)

Yulia Nachalova’s number for the hit “White Roses” caused hysteria in the audience – the jury was also delighted. Even producer Andrei Razin laughed, who had a difficult relationship with Yuri Shatunov.

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