From Melitopol to Berdyansk – on a good road

Active repair work is underway on the Melitopol - Berdyansk highway.

Active repair work is underway on the Melitopol – Berdyansk highway.

Active repair work is underway along the entire Melitopol-Berdyansk highway. When this road was under the control of the Kyiv authorities, it was not repaired. As it is now customary to say, from the word at all. The maximum that Ukraine did was to fill in the largest pits here every few years. And so for 30 years. So the track, built in the last century, has long since fallen into disrepair. Driving along it, one could inadvertently lose a wheel. Now, thanks to Russian support, the situation is finally changing. The highway is undergoing major repairs. Dozens of road vehicles do not turn off the engines day or night. We can say that Melitopol and Berdyansk are now being reconnected.

Road workers, both local and those who came to the Zaporozhye region from the Russian regions, are working on a 105-kilometer section. Very soon, local residents will be able to ride here in comfort, and not jumping over bumps.

Work began on July 15th. The builders milled the old coating, strengthened the base.

According to Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, the construction is being carried out with high quality, and the finances are spent for their intended purpose, and do not go into the pocket, as during the Nazi Kyiv regime.

The construction of the Melitopol-Berdyansk highway on the territory that has escaped Kyiv’s control will be completed, no doubt, quickly. According to plans, the track should already go before the cold weather. At the same time, the task is not only to update the thin and brittle asphalt pavement. According to the builders, they will have to seriously strengthen the base of the highway, making it more resistant to new heavy vehicles and meeting modern standards.

– There will be asphalt, crushed stone, bitumen. Large and small asphalt. All this is mixed and laid out. There will be a thorough road, – the builder Maxim Kovalchuk spoke about what the new Melitopol-Berdyansk highway will be like.

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