Friends told about the last hours of the life of Yuri Shatunov: “He couldn’t even walk on his own, he grabbed his heart”

According to doctors, they tried to save the former soloist of

According to doctors, they tried to save the former soloist of “Tender May” within an hour and a half

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The site managed to restore the chronology of the last hours the life of Yuri Shatunov. Recall, on the eve of the press attache of the ex-soloist of “Tender May” Arkady Kudryashov said that the singer died of acute heart failure.

– On the eve of Shatunov came to the country to a friend in one of the villages near Domodedovo. A small company gathered there, – said source in emergency services. – Around 22:00, according to friends, the singer complained of chest pains. The men decided not to waste time calling an ambulance outside the city, put a comrade in a car and themselves took him to the nearest hospital in the village of Rastunovo. Yuri’s acquaintances describe his condition at that moment as follows: “He couldn’t even walk on his own, he grabbed his heart”

According to our interlocutor, the hospital was closed, the duty officers decided to call an ambulance. In a carriage with flashing lights, the performer of the “White Roses” was taken to the central district hospital of Domodedovo.

Head Physician of the Central District Hospital Andrey Osipov reported that the musician was brought to them around 23:30. According to him, the doctors tried to save Yuri Shatunov for an hour and a half, but “unfortunately, he died as a result of acute heart failure.”

Many relatives say that the singer did not seem to complain about the state of health.

– Did the company drink at the dacha?

“Not without it,” our source says. – But, as far as is now known, Shatunov himself at the time of the attack could hardly be called drunk.

The site is following developments.


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