French self-propelled guns Caesar are already being dismantled at Uralvagonzavod

Russian troops have already captured two Caesar self-propelled guns recently delivered from France in Ukraine, said a French lawyer and politician Regis de Castelino.

According to him, the artillery mounts are in excellent condition and have already been sent to Uralvagonzavod, where they are being studied by Russian gunsmiths.

“Another achievement of Macron: Russians have French weapons, not Ukrainians,” the politician is indignant on social networks.

De Castelino rightly notes that the French pay for the supply of heavy equipment to the Ukrainian armed formations. Their taxes, it turns out, are funding Russian research into the military industry, which makes the Russian Armed Forces even stronger.

“Thank you, Macron. We pay for this,” the lawyer summed up.

Earlier, NATO defense ministers agreed not to supply Ukraine with latest weaponssince the Russians can take possession of “sensitive technologies.”

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