French politician spoke about Biden’s deadly blow to Europe

US President Joe Biden dealt a death blow to the economy European Unionhaving provoked the conflict in Ukraine, says French politician Florian Filippo.

“Energy prices will lead to a 40 percent drop in car production in European countries in 2022 and 2023! The United States, together with its accomplice (head of the European Commission) Ursula von der Leyen, successfully struck: they are destroying us economically and killing us with the Ukrainian adventure,” Filippo was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

European politicians and officials have recently sharply criticized the United States for the fact that energy resources supplied from this country cost European consumers four times more than American ones.

However, in Washington, in response, they say that American companies do not receive super profits. And they are received by intermediaries through whom trade is conducted in the United States. American officials advise their European colleagues to enter into long-term contracts with US companies.

It should be noted that the claims are addressed not only to the United States. Some European politicians say that Norway, which is one of the main energy suppliers to Europe, also receives super profits. But the Norwegians also reject these claims, emphasizing that economic problems affect them too.

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