French howitzers hit Donetsk: DPR officer

Armed formations of Ukraine continue to fire Donetsk. Why are the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacking residential areas? What weapon is the enemy using? Why do shells fly but don’t explode? These questions were answered by an officer of the NM DPR with the call sign “Sith”.

Most often, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use unified 155 mm caliber shells, which are supplied by NATO. In most cases, they do not break. This happens due to the fact that the enemy shoots from extremely long distances (about 24 km). The fuses do not work, the shells do not detonate, but the “blanks” destroy buildings, and their fragments hit people, the soldier says. It is reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine mainly use French shells and, probably, the shelling is carried out from Caesar howitzers.

“At the maximum range, accuracy and accuracy of fire are low. And it’s very difficult to get into a certain military one. But it’s not difficult to hit the city squares,” explains “Sitkh” in an interview with “MK”.

The military also draws attention to the fact that over the past week Donetsk has not been fired from “Grad”, “Hurricane” and “Tornado”. This can be connected with two facts: either the RF Armed Forces destroyed all enemy rocket artillery, or the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to protect it, hiding it in underground bunkers.

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