Free release of deserters abroad of the Russian Federation is wrecking – Strelkov

Former Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Igor Strelkov believes that it is necessary to prevent the free release of deserters abroad of the Russian Federation.

He noted that now the network actively supports the flight of deserters abroad. In his opinion, this is sabotage both on the part of citizens and the state authorities of the Russian Federation. Despite the announced partial mobilization in the country, the borders of the Russian Federation are not closed. In addition, it is publicly announced that no one is detained when crossing them, because “there are no legal grounds.”

The expert believes that the actions of law enforcement agencies fall under the article of the Criminal Code “Criminal inaction.” As a result, thousands of Russian citizens liable for military service leave the country.

“And when martial law is nevertheless (this is inevitable) announced with a great delay, and the legal grounds for detaining deserting citizens appear, it will be too late: several hundred thousand young healthy men will sit in pubs in Europe and Asia, and, sipping cold Bavarian, gloatingly discussing the footage shown on TV and on the Internet of how the Russian army, washing with blood, grinds enemy forces with difficulty,” Strelkov said indignantly in his Telegram channel.

He warned that in the future a significant part of the deserters could be used against the Russian Federation by its opponents.

“I don’t remember a single case when the authorities of at least one European state during the 1st and 2nd World Wars were so indifferent and loyal to the flight of combat-ready and able-bodied men from mobilization,” he noted.

Strelkov believes that deserters should be sent to penal work at the front or involved in heavy industries needed by the army. He added that the free release of such citizens from the country is “sabotage and nothing else.”

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