Freddy Díaz blames the media for the approval of his disqualification

Freddy Díaz would have raped a worker in his office in July 2022.
Freddy Díaz would have raped a worker in his office in July 2022.

The former member of Alliance for Progress, Freddy Diaz, is already a former congressman of the Republic. This after Parliament decided to disqualify him for ten years from public service. Once the vote was over, the person designated for allegedly rape to a worker, gave a press conference from the Hall of lost steps.

The first words of former parliamentarian They were addressed to the press, which he blamed for having motivated the result of the vote. Without evidence to prove what was said, Díaz pointed out that it was exercised media pressure that finally motivated the reconsideration of the vote that last Tuesday allowed him to continue exercising his functions.

Freddy Díaz assures that an excess has been committed against him. He considers that having complied with the sanction imposed by the Ethics Commission it was enough. It should be remembered that he resumed his activities as a parliamentarian on January 7, when the 120 days of suspension. “The issue of misconduct has been sanctioned with the maximum sanction at the level of ethics,” he said.

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