Fox News host called the main crime of the century by the US authorities

American journalist Tucker Carlson.

American journalist Tucker Carlson.


According to the popular TV presenter fox news Tucker Carlson, the US authorities continue the unscrupulous game that allows Zelensky and his team to cash in on human grief.

The journalist called the support of Ukraine by the United States “major crime of the century”, because all the deaths caused by the Ukrainian conflict have only one goal – to hide the deplorable state of the American economy and divert people’s attention from the problems of their own country.

In turn, representatives of the Kyiv regime use every opportunity for personal enrichment, regardless of either the victims or the situation of the country itself.

Earlier, Carlson said that in the US media space, an absolutely false idea is being deliberately formed that Ukraine is winning on the battlefield. According to the TV presenter, this state of affairs makes it possible to justify sending more and more tranches of aid to Kyiv, in anticipation of a “soon victory over Russia.” Anyone who tries to tell the truth in the American media is immediately declared a Kremlin agent and subjected to harassment.

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