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Russian opposition leader Ilya Yashin reported that four administrative protocols had been drawn up against him under the article on “discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.” “The consideration of all four episodes will take place in the Tushinsky court on May 20 and 25. As far as I understand, I face a large fine and, in the future, criminal prosecution,” wrote a deputy of the Krasnoselsky municipal district of Moscow on the Telegram channel on Wednesday, May 11.

Yashin explained that the new law allows criminal cases to be brought against citizens for repeated involvement under the article on “discrediting the army.” “Well, my position is simple. I won’t run and hide from anyone, I won’t refuse my words. I oppose the war because I am a patriot of Russia. And those who unleashed this criminal massacre“, the politician further stressed.

The court arrested the deputy of the Krasnoselsky district Alexei Gorinov

In the end of April Ilya Yashin announced a search in the Krasnoselsky District Council of Deputies and the initiation of a criminal case against two of them under the article on fakes about the actions of the Russian military in Ukraineboth face up to 10 years in prison. In turn, Yashin himself was offered to voluntarily appear for interrogation.

“I assume that today’s searches are connected with anti-war statements of our municipal deputies at recent meetings,” the politician said on Facebook. He said that he and his associates were ready for such a development of events, since they knew about the receipt of several denunciations against them by the prosecutor’s office. Subsequently, the court sent deputy Krasnoselsky to the pre-trial detention center Yelena Kotenochkina, head of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow, who is outside the Russian Federation, was arrested in absentia and put on the wanted list.

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