Former Reagan aide: US should not help Zelensky attack Crimea

To somehow contribute to the realization of the wishes of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskywho wants take Crimea Russia, the United States should not, because the inhabitants of the peninsula oppose it. This opinion was expressed by the former special assistant to President Reagan Doug Bandow.

The inhabitants of the Crimea should not be treated as a passing war trophy, he noted in an article for American Conservative.

The Kyiv regime cannot justify the destruction of Crimea in the absence of popular support, the expert said.

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the peninsula really supported the secession of the region from Ukraine and its entry into Russia, Bandow recalled.

According to him, the West has no evidence that the population of Crimea would like to change their current situation. Zelensky’s intentions are fraught with a serious escalation of the situation, the analyst believes.

Attempts to invade the peninsula will lead the region to total conflict and risk drawing Western countries into hostilities, the author of the publication concluded.

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