Former editor-in-chief of Ogonyok Vitaly Korotich: Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan is meaningless, and therefore especially dangerous

Vitaly Korotich.

Vitaly Korotich.

A photo: Alexander GAMOV

– … Vitaly Alekseevich, how do you like Pelosi? How is her flight? (On Tuesday, August 2, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan) What do your American friends write and say to you?

– Nothing special..

Do you understand what’s the matter? The Americans believe that they can (including in the part that concerns politics) fly and land where they please.

They can fire their weapons at whoever they want. They won’t ask anyone.

Completely meaningless, in its business sense, the flight of this very Pelosi.

And at the same time, the world was brought very close to the explosion, we’ll see what happens next.

The fact is that the Chinese rightly consider Taiwan to be part of China. And the Americans in this case are not that they opposed China, they simply prove that they will not ask anyone about anything, they want and they will, they want and they will sit down …

And one more thing – as for the Chinese … It is very important for them to save their face. And so far they have limited themselves to only calling the ambassador to their Ministry of Foreign Affairs and warning him: ah-yay-yay, how not beautiful it is.

Well, we’ll see what happens next.

In any case, the fact that the United States has put the world on the brink, beyond which an explosion is possible … Well, they themselves do not seem to think so.

It’s simple – I repeat – the Americans do what they can, as they see fit to do. And – like: it’s not your damn business to comment on this. We want to do this, we do this.

– And we will comment.

– And they do not care – we will do so, you understand?

– And we – all the same from them we will not lag behind! But the fact that Biden fell ill and began to cough, does this somehow affect the actions of US politicians – including rash ones?

– You know, I don’t know. The thing is how they get sick and when they get sick … But what’s the difference?

This is what I am saying, that such things are reported if there is time to report it. And now we’re sneezing…

– Not healed, they say.

– Here you go. You see, these are all ordinary games. Such are the messages that, you see, yesterday the president sneezed or something like that happened to him – his stomach deteriorated, so this can already be announced, it can not be announced.

If announced, then you need to think about why it was done.

– Understood. Alright enough. I think enough.

– Thank you!

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