Former CIA adviser spoke about the unique features of Russia’s gold reserves

Russia’s gold reserves have a unique feature compared to other countries’ reserves Groups of seven (G7), says former CIA adviser James Rickards.

He believes that despite the fact that gold has faded into the background, it continues to be a powerful financial asset.

James Rickards noted that the US has the largest gold reserves in the world, their reserves are estimated at 8133 tons. Also, a large large amount of gold is at the disposal of Germany, Italy and France.

But the real golden power, according to James Rickards, is Russia. Its gold reserve is 2295 tons of gold, which is far from a record figure, however, based on its GDP, this is just a huge figure. Thus, the Russian Federation is a real golden power in comparison with the countries of the Group of Seven, according to an article by Rickards published in The Daily Reckoning (translated by PolitRussia).

Gold continues to be the most powerful and reliable form of securing the financial systems of states. Although many of them refuse to publicly admit this fact, as it casts a shadow on their national currencies, the article says. And one of these countries is the USAbecause their well-being is largely based on the influence of the dollar.

James Rickards believes that the price of gold will rise sharply in the coming years. He predicts that one ounce will give ten thousand dollars, or even more.

In addition, the advantage of gold is its reliability. It cannot be “frozen” in the accounts and it is impossible to track its flows, according to an article by James Rickards.

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