Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson found a job in Moscow

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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Recall that at present the world community is closely following the fate of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Some propose to appoint him NATO Secretary General, others seriously see politics in the Ukrainian government, others hope that Johnson will finally calm down and return to his favorite pastime – drawing. Correspondent “KP” Pavel Klokov did not wait for the denouement and wrote a letter to Boris.

Listening to the media

So the desire to show concern.

Uncle Borya, come to Moscow!..

We’ll get you a job.

Of course you are famous

And you have two diplomas at once …

Although now a security guard in the “Magnet”

(A day at work, three at home).

Throw you your foggy Albion.

No, really, we’ll support you.

Come to the central region –

On the same day you will get a job as a concierge.

Will you watch the series “Cops”,

“Doshirak” brewing in a bowl.

Nothing that I’m with you on you?

Nothing that I don’t speak English?

You cheer yourself up and cheer yourself up.

How long can you vegetate as prime minister?

Come to Russia, Uncle Bor.

We’ll take you by courier.

Won’t you be very happy

Tipping in the hallways?

Well, drive an electric scooter,

Annoying the speed of passers-by.

Do not shake your mane from annoyance.

Well, you don’t want to run in the wings,

There is also, after all, a taxi

And “Hyundai Solaris” at the box office.

He put the cap on one side,

Threw cigarettes into the glove box

And tryndi with clients all day! ..

And decide the fate of your planet.

There are no barriers in the world for you.

You can take some pennies

At people for a dry closet,

In Yasenevo, sitting on a bench.

You can mow the grass on the lawn,

Smiling half stupidly.

Uncle Borya, come to Moscow!..

Give up Kyiv and NATO.

Surprise all of England and the world.

Wink at the furious fortune.

Well, bring me a souvenir.

And Rooney’s autograph.

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