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Forest fires in Saxony not subside for the second week. To fight the fire on the morning of Tuesday, August 2, 300 firefighters were deployed, and during the day the total number of people involved in extinguishing will exceed 500 people, regional emergency services report.

Firefighters continue to fight the fire both on the ground and in the air. In particular, work continues on the creation of fire barriers, which will stop the spread of fire. Taking into account the additionally deployed forces, the total number of firefighters will reach 550 people. In some places, police water cannons are also used to fight the fire.

Rain is not expected in the coming days

The centers of new fires in those places where the fire has already been extinguished are regularly embers smoldering on the ground. This is facilitated, among other things, by the wind and the incessant dry and hot weather.

Local authorities note that rain would greatly help to bring the situation with the spread of fire under full control. “Hard work for volunteer firefighters, the fire comes back again and again. What would help us is rain,” a county spokesperson tweeted. Saxon Switzerland – Eastern Ore Mountains Thomas Kunz. However, according to current forecasts, heavy rainfall is not expected in the region this week. On the contrary, already on August 3, the thermometer will again rise above 30 ° C.

Fire extinguished in southern Brandenburg

Meanwhile, in the south of the federal state of Brandenburg, a forest fire has been extinguished, Martin Neumann, a spokesman for the fire department of the city of Bad Liebenwerd, told dpa. According to him, now the areas affected by the fire will be transferred to more than 60 owners.

The fire spread to Saxony from the territory of the Czech Republic

Forest fires broke out early last week in the federal states of Brandenburg and Saxony. In Brandenburg, about 700 residents were temporarily evacuated due to the threat of the spread of fire, but they were soon able to return to their homes. The fire spread to Saxony from the territory of the neighboring Czech Republic, where it flared up on July 24, in the territory of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

In the Czech Republic, according to the latest data, the fire began to subside. Regional authorities on August 1 announced that the fire in “Bohemian Switzerland” was under control.

Abnormal heat this summer has spread in a number of Western European countries, in some places new temperature records have been recorded. Forest fires originated in France, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Dozens of square kilometers of forests burned out, thousands of residents and tourists were forced to leave their places of residence and recreation, there are human casualties.

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