Forest fire claims the lives of four farmers in Huancayo

Farmers lost their lives in Huancayo after inhaling smoke from the grasslands
Farmers lost their lives in Huancayo after inhaling smoke from the grasslands

The forest fires continue to take lives in the highlands of Peru. On this occasion, it was learned that unfortunately four farmers lost their lives when trying to put out the fire that occurred in the community of Cuyocc, del district of Anco, in Churcampa.

The raging fire also caused three farmers to be seriously injured, so they were taken to the nearest health facility (Hospital de Huamanga – Ayacucho) to save their lives. However, his diagnoses are reserved.

Police officers, health personnel and night watchmen from the Municipality of Churcampa arrived at the scene to help the injured and transfer the remains to the city morgue.

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Forest fire in Huancayo
Forest fire in Huancayo

So far the men in red and the National Police of Peru in Huancayo They have launched an investigation into this incident to rule out whether or not it was caused. However, there are already several cases of forest fires that are unleashing the population’s concern.

According to the registry managed by the Emergency and Disaster Area of ​​the Cuyocc Health Post, the forest fire was on October 27, 2022, lasted several hours and was extinguished after 8:45 p.m.

The incident occurred in the community of Cuyocc, in the district of Anco, for reasons that are still unknown.

The authorities reported to the local media that the fire affected the planting of the place and the environment, for which the farmers ask the regional authorities for support in the fight to put out these fires.

The deceased and injured were taken to the Huancayo regional hospital.
The deceased and injured were taken to the Huancayo regional hospital.

The PNP revealed the identification of the farmers who lost their lives after the forest fire that broke out a few days ago. Among the deceased are: Gerardo Asto Ccora (37), Faustino Taipe Venturo (64), Alberto Yalo Pérez (42) and Celestino Cortejo Taipe (44).

Likewise, they revealed the list of people who are hospitalized in the Huancayo hospital: Artemio Asto Ccora (32), Alcides Cortejo Ortiz (25) and the adolescent with the initials LFJT (17).

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The National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor) reported that 449 forest fires have been alerted so far this year throughout Peru. According to this report, the Junín and Puno regions register a greater number with 52 and 50, respectively.

In third place is Ucayali (49), followed by Huánuco (43), Cusco (41), Loreto (26) and San Martín (26).

Over the years, in Peru, forest fires have increased, which generated different losses. Only last year there were 1,571 alerts, while in 2020 there were 2,599, the institution revealed.

For its part, the IGP mentioned that 80% of these fires occur more in the Andean zone, due to climatic factors, but also to burnings that occurred in the months of July and August. Likewise, he expresses his concern because these events also occur in Amazonian regions.

“In Peru, there is more concern that these fires occur in the Amazon mountains, like the ones that occurred a few days ago in the province of La Convención, Cusco, near the Choquequirao archaeological park,” says Ricardo Zubieta, an IGP researcher.


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