Forensic expert Tumanov: Diet by blood type is money down the drain

What is the Blood Type Diet? What research was it based on? Can a complete rejection of certain products harm a person? Associate Professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Russian National Research Medical University named after N. I. Pirogov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Edward Tumanov.

Diet by blood type – a test for suggestibility

– Tell us, please, how this problem became relevant for you?

It is impossible to live in society and be free from society. Many of my acquaintances turn to me for advice related to general medical practice. They also ask about blood type diets.

When it reached a certain critical level, I realized that I was ready to tell the public about it myself in order to close this issue forever.

“Then it’s not so harmful that you should be interested in it as a medical examiner.

– If a person can suffer from a blood type diet, it is mainly financial. For some, this can be significant, but for someone it’s just a little entertainment: I was starving according to one system, losing weight according to another, why not try it by blood type?

By and large, the blood type diet is a test of suggestibility. There are people who claim that they lost weight this way, but just like that, any diet with faith in nutritional gurus would help.

You can lose weight and taking a tablespoon of water a day. Nobody canceled the placebo effect.

As for this diet, it came to us from America. It was developed by two doctors, naturopathic doctors, father and son James D’Adamo and Peter D’Adamo. I will immediately make a reservation that we do not have such a medical specialty as a “naturopathic doctor”.

Diet D’Adamo family

– What does this mean? Treatment only with natural ingredients?

“Because it’s not an official medical term, it can mean anything. Any naturopath can say: I’m not like that, I’m a completely different naturopath. They have no regulation of activity.

So, the D’Adamo family developed a diet based on the following ideology. There are four blood types. Accordingly, depending on what type of blood you have, some products are shown to you, others are not shown. Allegedly, if you select a rational amount of products that correspond to the blood type, then there will be a weight loss effect, but if there are inappropriate ones, this will give a toxic effect.

Diet by blood type - money down the drain?  blood type diet

Naturopaths have no regulation of activities

It is very similar to horoscopes, only there are 12 gradations, and here humanity is divided into four groups.

“But horoscopes have been scientifically refuted.

– But the constellations are not refuted. It’s the same here: medicine recognizes blood groups, and then some theory of its own develops on this generally accepted fact. She, like a soap bubble, grows and grows, then bursts, and even no traces remain. But over time, some other topic appears.

– But after all, the blood type is a very specific thing, showing that different antibodies are produced with different erythrocytes. How could this be related to food?

– Members of the Adamo family claim:

  • first blood group supposedly the most ancient: all other types of blood groups originated from it. Accordingly, the bearer of the first group is a strong self-sufficient leader. These are primitive hunters, these are meat-eaters, they must consume a lot of animal protein. Say, they have a strong digestive and immune system, but they are difficult to adapt to environmental conditions, this is their disadvantage. True, there is a logical inconsistency: hunters must adapt well, because today they hunt here, tomorrow there. But these nuances do not bother Adamo.
  • second group is already a farmer. This group appeared later, when people switched to a settled way of life. Their characteristic features are constancy, good adaptation to work in a team. Such a person should profess complete vegetarianism.
  • third group – This is a nomadic wanderer. Accordingly, this blood type appeared as a result of the migration of races, it is distinguished by a strong immune and balanced nervous system. Nomads are omnivorous, they can eat everything.
  • fourth blood group – this is the result of mixing the second and third, and, accordingly, this is some kind of intermediate option between the rules for these two groups …

All this would be good, but blood types formed millions of years before the appearance of man, about 3-5 million years ago. For paleontology, a few million years is a short time. Various primates have a second, first, third blood type.

The thing is that, if we proceed from evolutionary theory, then our common ancestor, who lived before the branches of man and monkey split, already had these blood types.

In fact, this could be the end of it. Because, as it follows from here, all other postulates – arguments about a nomad, a farmer, a hunter – are simply anti-science fiction.

– That is, the topic can be closed?

– About the benefits of such a diet – yes.

But interestingly, the distribution of blood types on Earth is uneven. If we start from the Mendelian theory of inheritance that we learned in school (remember the pea experiments?), then there should be a distribution that is more or less amenable to statistical probability.

Blood analysis

However, this is not the case. The first blood group is very widespread, almost 100 percent, among the natives of South America. Interestingly, in isolates, the predominance of the first blood group also begins. We can see this in Iceland.

The fact is that people with different blood groups tolerate various infectious diseases in different ways, and thus natural selection took place.

There is a well-founded theory that many microorganisms are able to secrete antigens on their surface that are characteristic of blood group antigens. And thus the body takes them for its own and, roughly speaking, lets them into itself with less suspicion. Accordingly, such people more at risk of developing infectious diseases. For example:

  • in Australia,
  • North America
  • South America

among indigenous peoples, the proportion of people with a third blood type ranges from zero to five percent. But in the Far East, indigenous people with this group make up 20-25 percent …

– That is, in these regions, roughly speaking, certain diseases that mowed down carriers of one or another blood type have passed?

– Exactly. And so it turns out that entire continents are doomed to a mono-diet, if you do not take into account migration.

And yet: harm or benefit?

– But will such a diet harm a person, or will it simply not bring any benefit?

The question is how long to stick with it. Let’s take people of the second blood group.

If you sit on a vegetarian diet for a long time, then nothing good will happen, because vegetarianism completely excludes the intake of so-called essential amino acids into the body. They are found only in proteins of animal origin.

Vegetable proteins will not replace them. They are quite difficult to digest compared to animal proteins, because there are a lot of ligaments that the body is forced to piss off. For example, excess sulfur, which enters the body along with plant proteins. It is no coincidence that the Germans call pea soup musical.

Further, there is no cholesterol in vegetable fats.

Meanwhile, the body needs cholesterol. It is the precursor of both female and male sex hormones. If our brain is dried out, it is 80 percent cholesterol. All of our nerve endings are predominantly cholesterol membranes.

They say that nerve cells do not regenerate, and this is absolutely true, but there is a constant cell self-renewal, including the cell wall. This requires, among other things, cholesterol.

Since cholesterol is needed to build nerve endings, if we put a person on a cholesterol-free diet, his intelligence drops sharply.

Sometimes vegetarians say: “What about mushrooms? There is so much protein in mushrooms!” A small nuance: mushrooms are very poorly absorbed in our gastrointestinal tract, because it is a slightly different form of protein.

Diet by blood type - money down the drain?  diet

The body needs cholesterol

Returning to diets by blood type, there is another interesting point.

When I come across people recommending blood type diets, I ask: “Okay, we don’t teach evolutionary theory, it’s too complicated. But tell me, what kind of diet should a person who is heterozygous for the second blood type have, for example?” And immediately I meet a desperate look: “What is it?”

– And what is it?

– The thing is that antigen A, which determines the second blood group, is paired. That is, he has a parallel gene. We can get an antigen from mom, A, and from dad, too, antigen A, and we will have two antigens – AA. Then we are complete homozygotes for the second blood group.

Or we can get antigen A from one parent, but not get it from the second. This will still manifest itself outwardly, as the second blood group, but we will be heterozygous for this trait – A0.

So, how should people with A0 eat? They are a transitional option between the first and second group. Another question for all preachers of blood type nutrition: why do you consider only the AB0 system?

Diet by blood type - money down the drain?  Blood

Photo: Pravda.Ru archive

Currently, it is customary in serology to distinguish 29 blood groups, including Rh factor: We can divide the groups into Rh-positive and Rh-negative. How to eat such people? These 29 combinations give you thousands and thousands of combinations. How can all these people eat?

And why, in your opinion, do people go to nutritionists who preach nutrition by blood type? consumers? Why do people in general tend to identify themselves with imaginary groups and strive to act on the basis of the properties of this imaginary group? For example, not “marry Petya”, but “marry Aries”. Is it psychologically in us? Some kind of cognitive error?

I think there are a number of factors at play here:

  1. Firstly, these are features of the intellect that do not allow analyzing information. Because all these people once completed at least high school, some of them have higher education. However, they did not take anything out of this education. Inheritance of blood groups takes place as early as high school. However, people cannot use the knowledge they have received. They do not have the ability to generalize, to synthesize.
  2. Secondly, there is aggressive advertising. The same Adamo was shown both on Channel One and on others. Someone has invested in promotion. So it’s good for someone.
  3. Thirdly, we must not forget that the media have a powerful impact on the audience. The audience is heterogeneous, there are people whose criticism of the surrounding reality is sharply reduced, and they will believe any aggressive advertising.

Pay attention to the news broadcasts, to the criminal chronicle: “Caught a gang of false psychics.” But if there are “false psychics”, then somewhere there are real psychics? True, for some reason, not a single psychic in the experiment confirmed his abilities.

– Not so long ago, the RAS Commission for Combating Pseudoscience issued a memorandum on dermatoglyphic testing, where it declares the method of commercial testing, in fact, fortune-telling by fingerprints, to be pseudoscientific.

– And go to the Internet – and you will see a lot of companies that offer their services.

– Probably, this commission needs to act more actively somehow?

– The composition of the academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences is very small, and scientists should primarily be engaged not in this, but in scientific work. This already the Ministry of Education should draw something, including from the Russian Academy of Sciences, and carry it to the school. And in our school everything is rushing, except for knowledge.

It seems that the whole system of training students is set up to teach how to put ticks.

I have seen many times how a student, without a single mistake, ticks off a test, and then cannot explain why he ticked this place, and answer the same question, but in words.

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