Foreign music will be removed from Russian TV series: we explain why

Director of Mosfilm Karen Shakhnazarov

Director of Mosfilm Karen Shakhnazarov

A photo: Video frame

Film producer Boris Osipenko (“Empire”, “Do not lie to me”) recently announced revolutionary changes in the production of serials. Now Western (hostile) music will no longer sound in Russian projects. How is this possible? Very simple. Tracks will simply be “cut out” – even from those tapes that are currently in production.

And it’s not just a witch hunt.

This is because major foreign music labels (Sony Music, WARP, etc.) have left the Russian market and do not renew (sell) the rights to our filmmakers. It turns out that it is now impossible to use foreign melodies as a soundtrack. This means that the compositions will disappear – such a decision was made at a closed meeting of the leaders of television production at the end of November.

A photo: frame from the film.

Are we now going to listen to silence in those places where the heart should have stopped from an infinitely beautiful melody? No. Import substitution will come into play. Well, something, but there have never been any problems with brilliant composers and wonderful music in Russia.

For example, the head of Mosfilm, Karen Shakhnazarov, is sure that Russian TV series will not suffer from this step. Even vice versa.

“It all depends, of course, on the plot of the picture, but there are not so many such films that are based on the performance of foreign music,” the director believes. – Domestic music is quite developed, we have excellent composers working in the cinema. Will [теперь] pay our composers. Perhaps this is a problem for our radio stations and television shows, which are constantly performed in English. Very good, let them sing in Russian.

A photo: Video frame

In Shakhnazarov’s films, both foreign music purchased under license and many tracks written by Russian composers – Anatoly Kroll, Eduard Artemyev, Evgeny Kadimsky and many others, sounded, so the director does not see any crime and tragedy in the disappearance of foreign tracks from our cinema.


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