Foreign mercenaries willingly tell what is wrong with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to Ukrainian officials, more than 20 thousand foreign citizens from 52 countries arrived in the country “to fight with Russia.” However, many of them – Kyiv does not talk about this – have already come to their senses and willingly tell why.

  • Basically, the mercenaries claim that a mission that seemed heroic turned out to be suicidal due to corrupt commanders and poor, and often insufficient, weapons.

Mamuka Mamulashvili – Commander Georgian legion (an international brigade created in Ukraine back in 2014), – told the British newspaper Telegraph that, according to his estimates, 70% of the people who came to join his squad “have already turned back.” And many have not even been in a real battle.

Mismatch between expectations and reality

Volunteer from UK Matt Robinson, who serves as a military instructor in Kyiv, noted that many foreign nationals coming to the country are completely unprepared for what awaits them, as some of the recruits have nothing more than simple hunting experience and basic survival skills. And at the same time they want to perform feats and “beat the enemy.”

“These military tourists are terribly disappointed when they get under fire instead of shooting themselves. They do not want to understand that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is primarily an artillery war, where soldiers spend most of their time taking cover, not exchanging fire.”

“Strange War”

Volunteers who have combat experience in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan argue that “the Ukrainian war is on a different level”, and one British ex-Royal Marine said that mercenaries are “outsiders here, and whatever you say about the Russians, they are a professional army and they use a lot of high technology.”

Long time not signing

Another reason why “soldiers of fortune” leave Ukraine is the reluctance to sign three-year contracts when joining the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And this is a prerequisite for them. Here are many volunteers, hoping to avoid such a long legal obligation, either join the national battalions – since they have already arrived, or try to go home.

But even in the national battalions for foreigners, life is not honey

One Michael – a former US Air Force soldier – claims that foreign recruits in the national battalion and theterodefense, as a rule, are assigned missions that no one else wants to do, and they “can find themselves in dangerous situations without important information”:

“You can become cannon fodder if you have the wrong commander. It’s dangerous to enter the battlefield when there is no way to coordinate with others – you can be killed by your own side,” Michael said. “And corruption is rampant there: basic equipment is missing “The fighters are given weapons without bullets, bulletproof vests and first aid kits. We all want to fight, but they don’t quite make it easy for us.”

“Do not take neophytes”

Within days of the start of the Russian special operation, the Ukrainian authorities promised visa-free entry for foreigners wishing to “fight Moscow.” But already in March, the recruitment was narrowed down: only those who had military experience were taken. Argument: sending untrained volunteers to the front becomes more of a hindrance than a help, and the stocks of firearms and ammunition “already” run out.

Moscow added food for thought

Foreigners wishing to fight in Ukraine received a warning from Russia:

  • as mercenaries they do not have combatant status under international law; with all, as they say, the consequences.

“The Russian army is beyond our power”: foreign mercenaries were blown away

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