Foreign mercenaries will have to save themselves if the APU surrenders the front – Ishchenko

The number of foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Kyiv authorities is likely to increase significantly. The United States of America can take such measures, as they are trying in every way to put pressure on Russia. This opinion is shared by the political scientist Rostislav Ischenko.

Washington has run out of leverage, he said. US “home-made” came to an end, the situation with Nord Stream-2 was the last, Ishchenko is sure. Sanctions pressure may continue, but the mercenary story will not help Ukraine.

“It is clear that no mercenaries can replace the mobilized Ukrainians on the front. They can be used as a striking force in the direction of the main attack, but if the Ukrainian army cannot hold the front, then the mercenaries will only have to save themselves. The Ukrainian direction is clearly not particularly suitable for Western mercenaries popular,” Ishchenko writes for

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