Forecast of the astrologer Kreuzer for August 1-7

Transiting Venus is moving into Cancer this week. During this period, many will want to be with their family, go to nature / sea / camp site. Start repair. Someone decides to legitimize the relationship. Venus during this period will bring dreaminess, romance, sensitivity, deep feelings into your life. On the negative side, it can manifest itself in emotional instability of capriciousness, resentment. Vedic astrologer Svetlana Kreutser advises readers of Pravda.Ru to use some recommendations to make the period from August 1 to 7 bright and vibrant.

Horoscope for the week

01.08, Monday

Nakshatra Purva Phalguni / Uttara Phalguni. The moon is growing.

The day is conducive to building relationships with your mother, call her, and if possible, make a gift for her (for example, give flowers). It’s also good to get creative:

  • singing,
  • drawing,
  • painting.

On the 4th lunar day, you should not start important things. It is recommended to spend this day with family or in solitude to reflect on the meaning of life.

02.08, Tuesday
Nakshatra Uttara Phalguni / Hasta. The moon is growing.

The energy of the nakshatra favors activities through which you can help others. If you have been in conflict with someone, this is a great time to reconcile. Try to be more generous and honest on this day. On this day, you can go to resolve issues with higher authorities. On this day, you should not lend money to anyone.

03.08, Wednesday

Nakshatra Hasta/Chitra. The moon is growing

On this day, you should not make long-term plans, be lazy. You can make purchases and sales, learn languages. It is favorable to help students on this day. If you are engaged in handicraft activities, then this is the most favorable time for the implementation of your plans, creativity, making jewelry, talismans, amulets.

04.08, Thursday.

Nakshatra Chitra/Swati. The moon is growing

Nakshatra of charisma, bright colors, elegance, novelty. The day is perfect for reading any literature, romantic dates, active activities, going to a beauty salon. This day is also suitable for collecting herbs and making medicines. You can also go on trips, play weddings.

05.08, Friday.

Nakshatra Swati/Vishakha. The moon is growing

Try not to think about the bad on this day, so that all this threefold does not turn against you. It would be nice to meet friends and have a nice time with a cup of tea and cookies, or visit a beauty salon in the morning. Try not to conflict on this day, do not swear at household members, and also do not take or lend.

06.08, Saturday.

The moon is growing. Nakshatra Vishakha/Anuradha.

It is unfavorable to get married on this day, plan a trip. If possible, visit your parents, help them with the housework. Do not make hasty decisions on this day. Postpone important questions for another day.

07.08, Sunday.

The moon is growing. Nakshatra Anuradha/Jyestha

The day is conducive to friendly communication, scientific activities, healing, being in nature. The day is not suitable for routine activities.

Favorable time for haircuts – August 1 in the afternoon, August 2, August 3, August 4, August 5 in the morning.

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