For thousands of shells of the RF Armed Forces per day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have two mortars – Ukrainian soldier

The Russian army continues to use the “barrage of fire” tactics in Ukraine, disrupting the fortifications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with artillery. A militant who was under attack shared his feelings.

The nationalists turned the Ukrainian village of Sands into a real fortified area, and therefore his release could cost the lives of many soldiers of the RF Armed Forces. To reduce losses, the Russian command widely uses cannon and rocket artillery.

“The enemy fires 6,500 shells a day,” a Ukrainian soldier complained on a social network.

He noted that the defenders can respond to the “barrage of fire” with just two mortars.

“Sometimes he wakes up and ‘sneezes’ two artillery pieces towards Donetsk. We hardly answer,” the militant added.

According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering huge losses, but Ukrainian laws prohibit voicing them.

“The reserve goes to the position, close the breakthrough with itself, and after five minutes out of 15 people only one remains intact,” the Ukrainian gave an example.

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