for the Saudis, the US is not the chosen buyer

Saudi Aramco, the Saudi state-owned oil and gas company, raised selling prices for oil for the United States.

This was reported by the agency on October 6 Bloomberg.

And what does this threaten and how it will affect the United States and the world market, said the deputy director for the energy direction of the Institute of Energy and Finance Alexey Belogoriev.

“This is a common practice. All companies regularly review prices for individual markets and buyers. This has nothing to do with the reduction in production, especially since the reduction will begin only in November,” the expert noted.

According to him, this is rather a reaction to the increase in oil prices in recent days. In addition, Saudi Aramco is pursuing a marketing policy by differentiating differences in prices, that is, where it sees an opportunity to raise the price, it raises it.

“There is no political component here, this is purely an economic calculation, not related to yesterday’s OPEC + decision,” the analyst summed up.

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