for the Crimean bridge, the answer will be given by General Armageddon

The red lines I was talking about Vladimir PutinThe West has long since stepped over. Deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine, shelling of Russian territories, blowing up the Crimean bridge – how will Russia respond? MK columnist Dmitry Popov suggested that there was a kind of “scarlet line” that Western countries had crossed, otherwise the special operation would not have started.

Responsibility for the latest incident will probably have to be given to the general Sergei Surovikin, appointed commander of the NWO in Ukraine. There are legends about him, and many who know the general personally are sure that “he was born to serve the Motherland.” Surovikin is one of the best specialists in interspecies interaction. After fighting in Syria, he earned the name “General Armageddon”.

“To what extent will he be able to stand up for the red lines of the domestic Russian (but anti-Russian) elite, because of which the Ukrainian infrastructure is still intact, and Zelensky is calmly walking around Kyiv?” Popov writes.

The observer proposes to make the so-called scarlet line “clear and visible” for everyone, since the absence of strikes on decision-making centers in Kyiv becomes similar to Moscow’s fear that it will become a kind of “red line” for the West.

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