“For not being ashamed”

Head of RT Margarita Simonyan congratulated Vladimir Putin happy birthday, recalling the most striking statements of the Russian leader.

The journalist listed the moments for which she loves and respects the President of the Russian Federation.

“For not being ashamed, for being united, for the fact that the future is reinforced concrete, for being real like a galley slave, for the Donbass and others, for the ray of hope that already seemed impossible when you first came to 99 -m, for “soaking in the toilet”, for the Chechen battalions,” Simonyan wrote in her microblog.

Among the achievements of the head of the Russian Federation, the editor-in-chief of RT listed the Crimean bridge, the Munich speech. She thanked the “boss” for the fact that in the Russian Federation there is no parent No. 1 and parent No. 2 and for the happiness of serving.

At the end of her congratulations, Simonyan wished Putin good health.

“We will try not to let you down,” the journalist promised.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will give Putin a tractor for an anniversary.

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