for Japan, the main thing is not a peace treaty, but the acquisition of the Kuril Islands

Head of the Center for Japanese Studies, Institute of China and Modern Asia, Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Kistanov commented on the statement of the Prime Minister of Japan to Pravda.Ru Fumio Kishida about the intention to conclude a peace treaty with Russia.

“Kishida’s sincerity coincides with Japan’s principled position: at the end of World War II, the USSR took by force four South Kuril Islands from Japan, which Tokyo calls its northern territories and wants to return. Without solving the territorial issue, Japan does not want to think about any peace treaty. For her, the main thing not a peace treaty, but getting the islands back,” Kistanov said.

When the Prime Minister of Japan was Shinzo Abe, then he was negotiating with Russian leader Vladimir Putin about a peace treaty and was looking for some kind of compromise, the expert recalled. It was even said that Abe wants to limit himself to two smaller of the four islands, leaving Russia with two large ones.

“When Abe retiredthen everything fell into place: Japan, through the mouth of Kishida, made it clear that Japanese sovereignty extends not to two, but to four islands, that these are primordially Japanese territories, that Russia illegally occupies these islands,” the source said.

Earlier, Kishida said that Japan remains committed to signing a peace treaty with Russia, despite the deterioration of bilateral relations.

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