For Europe, Russian toilet paper is worse than sandpaper

Europe refused to use

Europe refused to use “enemy” toilet paper from Russia

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In vain, some European politicians cried: they say, we imposed all the sanctions that we could against Russia, we won’t know how else to punish the Russians. But no, they swept through the barns, scraped through the bottom of the barrel – and collected a new, eighth sanctions package. They stuffed him with all sorts of strange things. According to the American publication Politico, among other things, the European Union is going to ban the import of cosmetics, shaving products, deodorants, soaps and (attention!) toilet paper from Russia. The wise men of Brussels calculated that these goods “bring significant income to Russian exporters,” and therefore they will no longer be bought.

So what? Why do they need Russian rolls in toilets, if in Europe they are already advertising reusable pipifax with might and main: they used it, washed it and again – into action. You can bring mugs from Ukraine to the kraynyak. Hygiene must be economical! And it’s quite handy to do without soap, especially since instead of a ruinous shower, light wiping with a damp cloth is now in vogue. And deodorants, even more so in the current political situation, are an extra thing. It is better to replace them with a loud campaign: “I will stink to spite Putin!”

In general, hello, unwashed Europe. You don’t take care of yourself. My ears have almost froze off without Russian gas. And now other parts of the body are under threat.

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