Fizruk of the Kansk school strangled a student in “educational units”

In one of the schools in Kansk, a physical education teacher nearly strangled a student for “disobedience.” According to the mother, the teacher pulled the 13-year-old teenager to the blackboard and began to squeeze his neck in “educational purposesX”.

The teenager went to the emergency room with neck bruises and scratches on his cheek. According to the boy’s parents, therefore, the physical education teacher tried to intimidate not only him, but the whole class.

“He told me that this is how he teaches them to obedience. That is, he is engaged in education in this way. And he began to tell me about his methods: he makes them stand on one leg for the whole lesson, do push-ups for the whole lesson – that is, this is normal. Children We were silent about it all year,” the mother of the injured schoolboy told the 360 ​​TV channel.

According to the interlocutor of the TV channel, her son laughed at the story of another student, for which he was “punished” in this way. The student’s mother stressed that now the children are afraid to go to school. The prosecutor’s office demanded to remove the teacher from educational activities. In addition, testing has begun.

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