Five ways the West can hit Russia

British journalist for The Sun Imogen Braddick named five destructive ways in which the West can strike at the Russian Federation.

In recent years, relations between Russia and the West have deteriorated significantly. According to Braddick, NATO countries are considering several scenarios in case the conflict with Russia escalates.

One of them is to strike at the territory of the Russian Federation with the help of strategic weapons. However, this option is unlikely, as it can provoke full scale military conflict with the use of nuclear weapons.

“These are five devastating ways the West can strike,” the journalist says.

The first scenario is a strike on Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. How this can be done, the author does not specify. According to the second scenario, NATO attacks the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. The third scenario is the tightening of the sanctions regime. According to the fourth scenario, NATO countries will try to exert political and diplomatic pressure on Moscow. However, Ukraine, which is determined to continue the military conflict, can become an obstacle here. The last scenario is passive. The EU and the US do nothing but continue to supply Kyiv with weapons.

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