Five reasons to plant ornamental grasses in your garden

Today, a huge assortment of various ornamental crops is available to summer residents, and various herbs stand out especially in this regard. They are easy to care for, often they are undemanding to the soil and grow quickly. However, many site owners, especially beginners, are discouraged by this option for decorating their property. What else is worth paying attention to if you are thinking about growing ornamental grasses?

Minimum care

Modern ornamental grasses are specially bred to take up a minimum of your time. If you come to your site only on weekends and do not intend to stand over the beds with a chopper around the clock, just plant ornamental grass. Many species do not need shaping, weeding and fertilization, and in addition, the grass will help you in the fight against weeds. It is enough to plant a “controversial” area with it, and soon the weeds will be suppressed.

A large assortment

If you think that it will be difficult to find suitable herbs for your site, you are mistaken. There is an incredible selection on the market: for example, the height range ranges from 20 to 200 cm, you can find almost any color. Of course, it is important to choose plants that suit the climate in which you will live, but even with this limitation, almost any online store will offer you about 100 options.

attraction for birds

If you love birdwatching, ornamental grasses can help you attract them. Thickets of grass are an excellent “testing ground” for hunting birds for various insects, and at the same time they are likely to visit neighboring flower beds. So by planting ornamental grass, you will also make a feasible contribution to the fight against pest bugs. And just watching birds is interesting, especially if there are children in the family.

rapid reproduction

Modern ornamental grasses are very tenacious, which allows you to quickly “scatter” them in the right areas, thereby saving on the purchase of new seeds. Traditional propagation by root cuttings is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save money, since in just a couple of seasons a whole “forest” can be grown from a couple of seedlings. So if your budget for decorating the site is limited, take ornamental grasses, they will not let you down.

Frost resistance

Residents of regions with cold winters will be very happy with winter-hardy varieties of ornamental grasses that winter well right on the street and without shelters. Such herbs will allow you not to rack your brains over preparing the site for winter, but simply collect garbage and leave quietly until the next season. Moreover, you can put them for the winter both on open ground and in containers.

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