Five heads of Russian regions immediately resigned. What does this mean?

Five heads of Russian regions immediately announced their resignations on May 10. So many governors in one day – this, perhaps, has never happened before.

First Governor of the Tomsk Region Sergey Zhvachkin announced his resignation. He named his age as the reason; in January, Sergei Zhvachkin turned 65 years old. He himself called himself one of the oldest governors. And he said that it was time to give way to the young.

Following the resignation announced the governor of Kirov Igor Vasiliev. According to him, he will continue to work at the federal level.

Then it became known on the resignations of the governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov, the governor of the Saratov region – Valery Radaev and the head of the Republic of Mari El Alexander Evstifeev.

It should be noted that Zhvachkin and Radaev served two terms in their posts, while the rest – one each. Moreover, only the former Kirov governor spoke about further career prospects. Though it’s pretty hazy.

It should also be said that in all regions whose heads have resigned, elections of the heads of these constituent entities of the Russian Federation should be held in September. In general, it should be noted that direct elections of heads to be held in 14 regions. In two – Vladimir and Tambov regions – early. Elections are planned in six more, but the former heads of regions will not participate in them.

That is, it can already be said now that the current leaders will go to the polls in a smaller part of the regions, where they should elect heads. Unless, of course, more resignations follow.

Late in the evening on May 10, it became known about the appointment of interim heads of five Russian regions.

Chairman of the Government of Kalmykia Yuri Zaitsev became acting head of Mari El. But the chairman of the Saratov region, Roman Busargin, does not move anywhere – he has been appointed acting head of this region.

Rosstat head Pavel Malkov has been appointed acting governor of the Ryazan region.

Kirov region headed Alexander Sokolov, who until now has been a referent of the Kremlin Department for ensuring the activities of the State Council. Vladimir Mazur became Acting Governor of the Tomsk Region, until his current appointment – Deputy Head of the Russian President’s Department for Domestic Policy.

Thus, the regions – so far as acting – headed by two heads of regional governments, two representatives of the presidential administration and one head of a federal department. It is also worth noting that Zaitsev, Mazur and Sokolov studied at the so-called school of governors – courses based on the Higher School of Management of the RANEPA.

The current reshuffling could mean that the gubernatorial elections will take place in September, as they should. True, while the question remains open whether the order of elections will be changed – that is, whether deputies of local legislative assemblies will choose the heads of regions or whether direct elections will be retained.

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