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Augustna according to the server List First Redl’s criminal group was appointed to the management of this city to manipulate orders and secure salaries.

The court granted the deputies’ proposal and took the accused into custody, Matula said. He did not want to comment on the reasons for the custody. In the case of previous defendants, the court led to the imposition of detention, fear of the monk and influencing the witness.

At the same time, the court found that the grounds for criminal proceedings were days, Matula added. According to the media, Augustin stayed at the time of the prosecution of the other accused of the case with the code name Dosimetr in Slovakia, where he came from. He fidgeted on Monday, was questioned and charged. His lawyer, Jon Kuera, declined to comment on the case.

The supervisory board of DPP removed Augustna from the position of member of the board of directors of the transport company last Wednesday. He was replaced by the current technical director of the metro, Marek Kopiva. Due to August, the Councilor of the City Council, Marek Doleal of TOP 09, was removed from the supervision of the Prague 9 Mayor’s Council on Monday.

According to the mayor of Prague, Adam Scheinherr (Prague Sob), Doleal, together with another accused, former mayor Petr Hlubuk (STAN), proposed the election of Augustus to the DPP board.

The accused should be 13. Server List First in the middle saidthat a police officer, Pavel Dovhomilja, who stayed in Croatia at the time of the police raid, had been resolved by a police officer. I volunteered. I am ready to seduce in front of the police, said the server, according to which the entrepreneur was a group of organized groups.

MF DNES pointed out that one of the accused, a six-year-old businessman in the telecommunications business, Petr Adam, on Monday zemel. A forensic autopsy was called in connection with the dead man in Klausov Street. This was done during the period and confirmed that he had died without any foreign fault, Jan Rybansk, a police officer, told the center without further details.

The police claim that the organized group has systematically occupied the key position in the transport company so that the achieved level of management can influence various meetings with the aim of obtaining payments from all companies. Redl, Hlubuek and businessman Zakara Nemrah ended up in custody. According to the Hlda sttu server, he was in the past a sponsor of the YES movement, which, for example, sent a Redl co-worker of the businessman Pavel Kos into custody on Monday.

According to leaked police documents, the group used encrypted phones and Kos’s nicknames were Kosk, Redl Mik and Hlubuek Slepik. Redl Plzesk District Court recently extended the limitation of first instance. This decision is not final and the current representatives have decided to appeal against it. According to the mayor of the district district attorney Kateina Broov, Redl is not the truth about his mental state.

The case of staff personally sent the government movement. Due to contacts with Redl, resignation minister Petr Gazdk announced his resignation on June 30. MEP Stanislav Polk suspended STAN membership on Monday for the same reason. However, they refused to be involved in the case in any way.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) discussed nothing from police documents today in connection with the Dosimeter case. Today, the government took note of my initially about the infinite treatment of criminal documents, not only in the so-called Hlubuek case. I will deal with this question intensively, the Minister of Justice Pavel Blaek from the ODS wrote on Twitter.

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