Fitness coach Voskoboinikov: "Without control of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, exercises for the buttocks will not help."

The healthy lifestyle environment is still full of fitness myths, endlessly exaggerating supposedly “secret secrets” and “magic exercises”, false promises of a quick result are multiplying and spread by amateurs in the gyms, fitness bloggers and lovers to earn extra money on the dreams of young ladies. Fitness coach Victoria Voskoboynikova spoke about how to properly train the buttocks. Buttocks training: the main principles The main principles of buttocks training (as well as any other muscles) are not a secret, but for some reason so unobvious for many: safety and efficiency of movements, specificity and optimal progressive load, regularity and recovery. In general, in compiling a customized training program, a specialist applies many principles and rules. Much, from the choice of exercises and their order, volume and intensity of work, depends on the initial data of a particular person, but there are general recommendations.

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