fishing on fragile ice is not worth a life

Deputy Head of Administration of Vladivostok Dmitry Svitailo reminded the residents of the city of the danger posed by access to an incompletely strengthened ice.

Svitailo stressed that, despite the fines established in such cases, the point here is not about money, but about saving lives.

Svitailo in conversation with said that neither walks nor winter fishing are in any way worth living.

“Be careful, attentive, take care of yourself and each other! Fish is not always worth the price you have to pay for it,” said the deputy head of the administration.

Svitailo added that despite the fact that equipment and rescuers are “at a low start” with the onset of the winter season, it is important for fishermen to remember that it takes time to reach those in distress. Therefore, you need to choose places on the shore for recreation and ice fishing.

Curator Natalia Krasovskaya

Natalia Krasovskaya, PhD in Psychology, member of the Russian Association of Political Sciences

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