Fire rages in western Berlin after explosion at ammunition depot | News from Germany about Germany | DW

In the Grunewald district in the west of Berlin on Thursday, August 4, an explosion occurred in a warehouse where, among other things, ammunition and pyrotechnics are stored. A big fire started. Due to further explosions and flying debris fire brigades until the fire was extinguished. According to a police spokesman, the cause of the explosion is being investigated. The fire covered an area of ​​one and a half hectares.

More than 100 fire and police officers are on site, and police water cannons have arrived at the site. Assistance from other services and special forces of the German Armed Forces has been requested.

The nearest residential buildings are two kilometers away

At the time of publication of the DW material, there were no reports of injuries or deaths. According to emergency services, nothing threatens residential buildings. The nearest residential buildings are located at least two kilometers from the scene.

The movement of regional trains in the western direction is suspended. It is not yet known to what extent long-distance train traffic has been affected. Plot autobahn 115 blocked in both directions.

The authorities urged residents of the German capital to avoid the appearance of a fire in the area as much as possible, and also not visit the forest Grunewald. Warnings are also distributed through mobile applications. Residents of adjacent areas were advised to keep windows and doors closed, and also not to turn on air conditioners.

In the last days of Berlin stand hot and dry days. This could affect the development of the fire and create problems for emergency services, the dpa agency points out.

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