Fire in the Ecological Reserve: firefighters managed to control the fire but there are new sources

Firefighters controlled a fire in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

Around 5:00 p.m. this Wednesday, a major fire broke out in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve and in a few minutes, an imposing cloud of smoke could be observed from different sectors of the City of Buenos Aires. Volunteer firemen they worked long hours to control the fire, which affected a sector of pastures.

Faced with the situation, numerous neighbors alerted the 911 emergency service about the presence of dense smoke in the area of ​​the Ecological Reserve. Immediately, personnel from different departments went to the place and, together with the personnel of the place, evacuated the people who were on the property.

According to what was reported by the Buenos Aires government, the Reserve “was evicted to facilitate the work of the troops” since “a fire in the shape of a horseshoe with a front of 500 or 600 meters was seen from height.”

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The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, was accompanying the tasks of fighting the fire in the ecological reserve
The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, was accompanying the tasks of fighting the fire in the ecological reserve

Due to the magnitude of the fire and the rapid spread of the fire due to the conditions of the place, personnel from various fire departments were present. The place was attended by members of the 1 E Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police and teams from the detachments of La Boca, Barracas, Puerto Madero and San Telmo and five from the Argentine Federal Police (PFA).

To work in fighting the fire, personnel from the Federal Rescue Brigade (BEFER) and the PFA Forest Risks Brigade. In order to have greater precision on the surface devastated by fire, a drone unit and an attack planning unit were used.

The fire in the Ecological Reserve continued during the night (Source: @suretomas)

After several hours it was confirmed that the initially affected grassland area was 10 by 300 meters approximately but at night the affected area expanded. So far the reason that started the fire is unknown, which will be the subject of investigation after the fire is put out.

Beyond the plantations, the fauna which is in place. And it is that the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve gathers the greatest amount of biodiversity within the City of Buenos Aires and extends over 350 hectares. Among the animals you can find more than 300 species of birds, rodents, turtles, lizards, snakes and fish among others.

The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, toured the area at dawn and highlighted the operation to control the fire in the Ecological Reserve. “A source of fire in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve alerted some neighbors who immediately notified 911. The heat and wind had caused it to spread rapidly, and this warning was essential for us to act,” he commented in public statements.

“Thanks to the entire team from @EmergenciasBA, @BAambiente, @Policia_ciudad, SAME, @SeguridadBA and Civil Defense who quickly went into action with all their professionalism to control the fire. Silent heroes who take care of us every day,” the official thanked.

Rodríguez Larreta was present during the early morning work that was done on the Costanera Sur
Rodríguez Larreta was present during the early morning work that was done on the Costanera Sur

During the last months, the forest fires generated an alert in different provinces because the fire affected thousands of hectares. It is expected that in the summer the situation will continue in the same way due to high temperatures and drought. However, intentionality or negligence are also some of the main causes.

The Formosa Police Fire Department warned that so far this year they have already intervened in more than 60 grassland fires. Commissioner Inspector Sergio Almirón, head of the Fire Department, informed Télam that “most of these sources of fire were generated by people’s carelessness, imprudence or negligence; to a lesser extent, due to high temperatures, they light up on their own, since glass, for example, produces a magnifying glass effect”.

For this reason, it was recommended not to burn garbage, pastures, in the presence of strong winds, because these conditions can facilitate the spread of flames. In addition, it was warned that when the burning of grasslands is carried out in the vicinity of national and provincial routes, it causes a decrease in visibility for drivers, so that it generates a potential danger of road accidents.

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