Fire at the Ozon warehouse: How it will affect the company’s business and customers

A large warehouse of the logistics company Ozon burned down

A large warehouse of the logistics company Ozon burned down

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On Wednesday, a large fire broke out in the suburbs. A large warehouse of the logistics company Ozon, one of the leaders in the delivery market in Russia, burned down. According to the preliminary version, the fire was not accidental. Investigators have two versions – either arson or carelessness during welding. The fire quickly spread due to cardboard boxes and an abundance of plastic packaging. A criminal case has been initiated. The entire chronology of events and the latest information – in the detailed material KP.RU. And we will try to figure out what will happen to the company’s business now.

– How much is the damage estimated?

– Preliminary estimate – 10 billion rubles. These are the calculations of the All-Russian Union of Insurers. The amount is great. For comparison, the current market capitalization of the company is about 300 billion rubles. And at its peak – in 2000 – the company was valued at almost 700 billion rubles. This fall should not be surprising. It has nothing to do with fire. Shares of almost all companies (both in Russia and abroad) have fallen 2-3 times over the past six months.

– Was there insurance?

– Oh sure. Such objects are insured by large companies without fail. So after a while the company will be reimbursed. As it became known, the warehouse building was insured by Alfa Insurance for 6 billion rubles, and its contents – by Ingosstrakh for 11 billion rubles.

– Will the compensation cover the losses of the company?

– It is unlikely that the payment will cover all the losses. Lost a major asset of the company. The lack of a large warehouse will slow down the company’s activities. At least in the next six months or a year, it will be necessary to rent commensurate areas, look for a place for a new warehouse, and then engage in its construction.

“According to our estimates, the potential costs will be about 10% of Ozon’s annual revenue. If insurance companies cover 17 billion rubles, the potential loss of Ozon for a possible excess of the amount of coverage will not exceed 1% of annual revenue,” says Lyudmila Telichko, chief analyst at PSB.

– Will the company survive after this?

– Ozon has been actively developing. But until recently it hasn’t been profitable. All the money went to expanding the network. For these purposes, funds from investors, including private ones, were actively attracted. Most likely, plans to reach a stable profit will have to be pushed back at least a couple of years. The loss of the main warehouse will, of course, affect the company’s activities. But in general, for a business, a fire will not be fatal. Insurers will get more losses. The head of the All-Russian Union of Insurers, Igor Yurgens, said that this would be one of the largest payments over the past few years.

– What will happen to the company’s shares now?

– Naturally, investors reacted to the news about the fire. After the first news appeared, the shares began to fall and fell by almost 7%. At the end of the day, the fall turned out to be much less, but only due to the fact that at the beginning of the day – before the fire – these shares rose sharply in price. In general, there are no prerequisites for further decline. Only every tenth product of the company was stored in the warehouse. That is, the company’s activities will not be suspended, more than 90% of the proceeds will remain.

– Will the money be returned to customers and companies whose goods burned down?

– In company promised to pay in full with victims, both customers and suppliers. But the calculation of losses and determining the amount of compensation can take a decent amount of time, the company explained.


“We thought it was a false alarm again, and then people began to suffocate”: an employee of the burnt Ozon warehouse told how the fire started

Employees of the Ozon warehouse in Istra, where the fire broke out, said that the company had previously experienced false alarms (details)

Will Ozon return money to customers after a large-scale fire at a warehouse in the suburbs on August 3, 2022

Trouble at the large Ozon marketplace: on August 3, a giant warehouse in Istra near Moscow burned down. The goods of sellers were stored there – Ozon itself hardly trades, it is an intermediary, a platform on which companies and individual entrepreneurs put up their offers. Ozon is considered the second largest online retailer in Russia (the first is Wildberries). Last year, 223.3 million orders were made on the marketplace. Roughly speaking, daily 600 thousand purchases (details)

Because of what the largest Ozon warehouse burned down: investigators and a special unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will establish the cause of the fire

The source of the flame, according to the company, was in the goods receiving area. The fire area exceeded 50,000 “squares” – this is the third part of the entire warehouse complex. The marketplace called it the largest and flagship among its assets (details)

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