Finns want to maintain a peaceful border with Russia: “We must communicate with a neighbor”

Despite the situation with the entry Finland in NATOthe country intends to maintain a peaceful border with Russia and continue to “communicate with a neighbor”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto.

As the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry emphasized, regardless of the block status of the country, the authorities want to maintain relations with the Kremlin.

“We have a 1300-kilometer border with Russia. The border is peaceful, and we want to keep this border peaceful. It is very important that we communicate with our neighbor,” the politician said at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin.

In addition, according to Haavisto, last Friday he held talks with his Turkish counterpart to “relieve tension” over Finland’s intention to join the North Atlantic Alliance. As the minister stressed, any of the NATO members can “block the process”, so it is important to maintain relations with all.

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