Finland will check the passports of buyers from Russia

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that store employees check the passports of buyers when selling expensive goods. Thus, it is supposed to deny citizens of Russia buying goodswho are subject to sanctions.

“The sale of sanctioned goods is prohibited if the goods are intended to be used in Russia. Stores must refuse to sell the goodsif it becomes obvious that the buyer intends to transport the sanctioned goods to the Russian Federation,” YLE quoted RIA Novosti as saying.

At the same time, the Finnish Foreign Ministry noted that in practice, it can be difficult for a trader to determine whether the goods will be sent to Russia or remain in Finland. Therefore, it was recommended to check the passport of the buyer.

There have already been reports that Finnish customs are conducting enhanced inspections at the border with Russia in order to identify violations of sanctions imposed by the European Union.

Earlier, the EU imposed restrictions on the export of luxury goods to Russia. However, this list includes almost all goods, more expensive than three hundred euros – from clothing to smartphones.

It is worth noting that restrictions for buyers from Russia are introduced not only by the authorities of the EU states, but also by individual companies.

Great resonance, for example, was caused by stories about the refusal of sales in stores of a number of well-known brands located in the United Arab Emirates.

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