Finland has decided. Let’s join NATO, the president and prime minister announced Svt

Ninist formally announced the decision in Fintin, Vdtin and English, with the entry into Finland.

It’s a historic day, he said. Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen and Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto spoke at the conference.

enough to take place within two or three days means a dramatic shift in Finnish security policy from its traditional military non-involvement.

Parliament will meet on Monday. After the open debates and the approval of the council, the president and the government have set in motion a lot to set in motion.

Several recent public currency surveys have shown that at least 60 percent of NATO’s Finnish membership supports it; this is a huge leap from the previous roughly 30 percent of public support for NATO membership in recent years.

Fint soldiers thus take part in NATO troops’ training. The exercise includes the development of mechanized rapid reaction units and an introduction of Finnish forces to NATO systems. The aim of the action is to accelerate the training of Finnish conscripts, who will enter the military service, which is mandatory in the country.

Finland can build a strong army of 280,000 troops and a total of 900,000 troops, which is one of the largest armed forces in Europe per capita.

The accession of Finland and Hungary would be a strong addition to the North Atlantic Alliance, and Germany is therefore working to support the country in their journey to the alliance, said German diplomacy Annalena Baerbockov. Both Nordic countries, which have so far maintained a neutral status, are considering joining NATO due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is joining the Alliance

Take a historic moment, said Baerbockov. Finland and Finland have not yet sought NATO membership, but Russia is now joining the alliance, she said. She emphasized that NATO was and always was a defense group.

According to Baerbockov, Finland and its widows are not just partner and partner countries. Their entry into the alliance would significantly strengthen us. Germany is therefore ready to take action to speed up the process, Baerbockov said.

A number of Allied countries have spoken the support of Widow and Finland. If Finland and the Czech Republic apply for NATO, the United Kingdom will support both countries so that they can be accepted quickly, British Foreign Minister Liz Trussov said on Sunday.

However, Turkey is in favor of an open country that supports the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK). Ankara considers the PKK a terrorist organization. Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Mircea Geoan, however, says the dispute will be resolved. The Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korok also expressed the same opinion on Sunday. Let’s look for a match and find one, I’m sure, Korok said.

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