Fines up to 200 thousand: Cameras on the roads will be able to punish the driver even for a discarded cigarette butt

Since January 11, these violations have been allowed to be recorded using cameras.

Since January 11, these violations have been allowed to be recorded using cameras.

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Do not rush to quit smoking (although why not). Now let’s explain what the point is. Back in the middle of last year, the authorities amended the Code of Administrative Offenses. First, fines for illegal dumping of garbage have increased. They range from 5 to 200 thousand rubles. Depending on who and how much leaves in nature – a bag or a whole truck.

Secondly, a new norm has appeared – the possibility of fixing such violations automatically, that is, with the help of cameras. Ideally, everything should work in the same way as in violation of traffic rules. Here is the car, here is the license plate, here is the package flying out of the window, here is the fine for public services. Actually, for fixing it is planned to use mainly cameras installed on the roads.

According to experts, so far this is just a theory. The norm was entered into the law, but technically it has not yet been done. Implementation takes time. As the Association of Manufacturers and Operators of Recognition and Photographic Recording Systems, which unites more than 70% of the players in this market, explains, from a technical point of view, smart cameras can be taught to detect even a cigarette butt flying out of a window. To do this, you just need to prescribe an algorithm and carry it out by a by-law. That is, to determine what kind of movement is considered a violation and on the basis of what to issue a fine.

True, there are several problems here. Firstly, the innovation is not intended to fight against individual irresponsible citizens who leave a bag on the side of the road or throw a candy wrapper out of the window. Much more harm is caused by those who illegally take out garbage by trucks, for example, from summer cottages and bury it in the nearest ditch. And here the cameras are sometimes powerless. On secondary roads, they simply do not exist. Secondly, the ban is easy to get around. Anyone who wants to deliberately throw something out will simply close the license plate or find a place where there is definitely no camera.

On the other hand, don’t underestimate Big Brother. Most motorists know where the cameras are located, fixing the speed or violation of the markings, and fines still arrive regularly. And their number is growing. In the first six months of last year alone, the cameras recorded almost 80 million violations. Motorists paid to the budget (including a 50% discount) about 30 billion rubles.


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