filing a complaint about an error on an appeal online removes the risks of a human factor

According to the lawyer Anastasia Bilyalovait is much easier, faster and more efficient to file a complaint online regarding partial mobilization.

The expert noted that in this case, the appeal will be considered faster than during a personal visit, and the risk of the human factor is reduced.

“Filing online removes the risks of the human factor with violations of local legislation: it’s easier to challenge the decision to call up in advance than to return the person back later,” Bilyalova said in an interview with “Moscow 24”.

According to MP Svetlana Bessarab, appealing against the erroneous appeal for partial mobilization via the Internet, on the portal “Gosuslug”, helps to eliminate misunderstandings and errors, and makes the whole process open. The parliamentarian recalled that in the event of an error regarding partial mobilization, every Russian has the opportunity to get a response to his problem at the very top.

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